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The harmonious co-existence between humans and nature: As a pioneer of the bio-economy , Royal Biotech GmbH contributes to the living economy with biotechnological innovations.

We combine green and white biotechnology with innovations of red and blue biotechnology, in order to develop diagnostic analysis products. Royal Biotech – Innovative Biotech for health. Royal Biotech Group includes Royal biotech , Bioolympics , Royal Vet ,Royal Waste Ecosystem, Royal Consulting…

About Us:

MBS- Microbiological SurveyThe Royal Biotech is a SME that specializes in diagnostic kits and systems of microbiological survey tests, clinical diagnostic kits, veterinary PCR kits, food safety test kits, drinking water test kits, UV Transilluminator, Gel Documentation, poct related to environmental pollution, food safety, and clinical testing. We are focused on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative kits, hand-held systems, and the next generation of diagnostic chips for near real-time (0.5 – 15.0 minutes) environmental, food safety, and disease diagnostics.

The breakthrough to the biochip, as well as micromechanical and microfluidic technologies offer the unique opportunity to make these devices small, portable, and powerful. These diagnostic instruments will experience the same transformation that has occurred in the ICT industry (i.e. workstations to desktops to notebooks and handhelds). Internet and wireless connectivity allows the test results to be communicated immediately from everywhere to the central information system. Diagnostic tests will no longer be limited to a central laboratory. The combination of internet and diagnostic devices is underway. As the relation between genetic mutations and diseases is being uncovered, it calls for an era of genetic and molecular diagnostics that will make more tests with high sensitivity and accuracy possible. Molecular diagnostics have become the fastest growing area in the medical, environmental, veterinary, and food safety fields, and the analysis of drug residues.

Royal Biotech combines the power of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and molecular diagnosis to provide the shortest testing time and the highest sensitivity and precision for on-site environmental, veterinary, food safety, and clinical diagnostics. Our kits are specially designed for public security and health. The systems are small, portable, and are empowered to be used anytime and anywhere.


Recent News:
  05/2016 Official Exhibition in China 

Unfortunately, in the November of 2016, we became aware of Chinese counterfeiters (some of them listed on the Chinese stock market) who are currently selling a faulty version of our registered product. These counterfeiters are claiming to be the exclusive distributor of our company which is a false statement.

Please pay special attention. If there is no original invoice, packing list & airway bill  from Germany or USA, and packaging from our company, the products are counterfeit goods!

Protecting our customers’ rights is our highest obligation. If you have any questions, please email info@royalbiotech.com