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RBG-Water-Test-LabDrinking Water Test

Royal Biotech possesses 2 kinds of microbiological survey detection tools.

  1. Royal qPCR Drinking Water Test Kits w/ Reader
  2. AOT device with MBS method

1. Advantages of Royal qPCR Drinking Water Test Kits

*Reliable & Stable: qPCR can accurately detect the most challenging pathogen strains while eliminating cross-talk reactivity.


*Fast: qPCR delivers results within 2 hours (usually 30 mins.)

*Efficient: Purification is efficient and fast. The obtained DNA performs well in downstream analysis with high signal-to noise ratios.

*Sensitivity: Highly sensitive pathogen detection even in the most difficult food matrices. 1-10 target copies in a reaction. Detection Limits of few pathogen 100 copies/mL.

*Specificity: qPCR can be used to maximize specificity

*Ready-to-use: Easy and reliable sample preparation. Can even be used on DNA extracted from low-count samples

*Simple Protocol: Protocols are simple and can be automated for high sample numbers (16 Samples) following the steps of Sample Preparation, qPCR Assays, Assays setup and detection

Brochure royal-dm-qpcr-kits

Manual of Rapid Test_Giardia_Cassette – 17



Catalogues/Reagents ( 48 or 96 tests/each box ) :                                                                       e-coli test kits

Total Coliforms, Thermotolerant Coliforms

Cryptosporidium Tyzzer

Giardia Lamblia
total-coliform test kits

Operating Environment:

Temperature : 4–50 C

Humidity : 20-90% (non -condensing)
qPCR test kits

If you need more details, please contact us or our local dealers.

2, AOT -MBS method

Coliforms are naturally present in the environment as well as feces; fecal coliforms and E. coli only come from human and animal fecal waste. We offer quantitative or semi-quantitative microbiological analysis for the industries of environmental protection and water quality detection


Specification of AOT™

Quantitative Analysis
-quantitative analysis with All One Test™

– Three easy steps to obtain the test results
– Without any technical training

-2 to 5 Fold Faster than Traditional Analysis

High Sensitive & High Selective
-Down to the theoretical limit of just 1 viable microbial cell present in the sample
-Up to the experimental limit of 99.999% with respect to other bacterial species

Safely Dispose of the Used Vials
   -The same as expired drugs

All One Test Reader (AOT)™

AOT READER-- MBS Microbiological survey
Drinking Water Test Reader

Test of Aerobic bacteria or TVC (Total Viable Cells),
Total Coliforms,
Thermotolerant Coliforms,

The protocols for water sampling are different in different Countries and for different water sources.
For example:
http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/publications/dwq-guidelines-4/en/  WHO
https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/316769/MoDW-2-232.pdf   UK
http://www.ceaeq.gouv.qc.ca/documents/publications/echantillonnage/piscines_bassins_en.htm Canada

Easy Guide – Qualitative Analysis of Surface water ,Portable Water with Vial Lab

Scope and Application of Water Test with AOT


AOT Software 1.3.3 Chinese Version

AOT Software 1.3.3 English Version