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Drinking Water Test

Royal Biotech possesses 2 kinds of microbiological survey detection tools.

  1. Royal qPCR Drinking Water Test Kits w/ Reader
  2. AOT device with MBS method

1. Advantages of Royal qPCR Drinking Water Test Kits

*Reliable & Stable: qPCR can accurately detect the most challenging pathogen strains while eliminating cross-talk reactivity.

*Fast: qPCR delivers results within 2 hours (usually 30 mins.)

*Efficient: Purification is efficient and fast. The obtained DNA performs well in downstream analysis with high signal-to noise ratios.

*Sensitivity: Highly sensitive pathogen detection even in the most difficult food matrices. 1-10 target copies in a reaction. Detection Limits of few pathogen 100 copies/mL.

*Specificity: qPCR can be used to maximize specificity

*Ready-to-use: East and reliable sample preparation. Can even be used on DNA extracted from low-count samples

*Simple Protocol: Protocols are simple and can be automated for high sample numbers (16 Samples) following the steps of Sample Preparation, qPCR Assays, Assays setup and detection

Brochure royal-dm-qpcr-kits



Catalogues/Reagents ( 48 or 96 tests/each box ) :                                                                       e-coli test kits

TVC, Total Coliforms, Thermotolerant Coliforms, E coli

Cryptosporidium Tyzzer

Giardia Lamblia
total-coliform test kits

Operating Environment:

Temperature : 4–50 C

Humidity : 20-90% (non -condensing)
qPCR test kits

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2, AOT -MBS method

Coliforms are naturally present in the environment as well as feces; fecal coliforms and E. coli only come from human and animal fecal waste. We offer quantitative or semi-quantitative microbiological analysis for the industries of environmental protection and water quality detection


Specification of AOT™

100% Quantitative Analysis
-100% quantitative analysis with All One Test™

– Three easy steps to obtain the test results
– Without any technical training

-2 to 5 Fold Faster than Traditional Analysis

High Sensitive & High Selective
-Down to the theoretical limit of just 1 viable microbial cell present in the sample
-Up to the experimental limit of 99.999% with respect to other bacterial species

Safely Dispose of the Used Vials
   -The same as expired drugs

All One Test Reader (AOT)™

All One Test Reader (AOT )Application:
Test of Aerobic bacteria or TVC (Total Viable Cells),
Total Coliforms,
Thermotolerant Coliforms,
AOT READER-- MBS-Microbiological survey

The protocols for water sampling are different in different Countries and for different water sources.
For example:
http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/publications/dwq-guidelines-4/en/  WHO
https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/316769/MoDW-2-232.pdf   UK
http://www.ceaeq.gouv.qc.ca/documents/publications/echantillonnage/piscines_bassins_en.htm Canada

Easy Guide – Qualitative Analysis of Surface water ,Portable Water with Vial Lab

Scope and Application of Water Test with AOT


AOT Software 1.3.3 Chinese Version

AOT Software 1.3.3 English Version