Food Safety Test

Royal Food Safety TestRoyal Biotech focuses on R&D and the manufacturing of products that excel in detecting microorganisms, heavy metals, Pesticide Residues and chemical additives in food and water. Our products can inspect food and water products at a faster speed while being more accurate, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods of inspection and detection. Furthermore, our innovation is highly economical and costs less than any other products in the same field. Our mission is to protect public health by providing both fast and accurate food & drinking water safety analysis.

Heavy Metal Test Food Safety Section includes:

Heavy Metal Residue

Meat adulteration test

GMO / Pesticide Residue
Microbiological Survey


Royal Biotech possesses 3 kinds of microbiological survey detection tools .

1. Royal qPCR food safety test tubes w/Reader   2.Royal Vial Lab Multi reader with MBS method

3. Royal Vial Lab System (RVLS ™)

In addition,  Royal Food Safety Guard  called “FSG” will be introduced to global market soon.