Gel Documentation

Royal Biotech’s Gel Documentation includes 2 brands – Bioolympics and Intas

*Intas series focus on 2D Electrophoresis Gel Imaging System

2D Electrophoresis Gel Imaging

2d gel documentation2D Advanced

Transillumination & EPI illumination, 1D&2D

More Satisfaction to your Experimental Results

High Quality / ADVANCED / Protein Electrophoresis

– 1D or 2D

– Fully flexible Epi-excitation module(Xenon or LED light)

– Integration of variability in the excitation wavelengths of their respective fluorophores.

– System can be upgraded with additional tools as required

Standard Systems
Scientific grade CCD camera with microlens technology
3.2MP, 16 bits (65536) GrayscaleGel Documentation
Bright manual fixed lens, f: 0.95 / 25mm
Four stages of Peltier cooling (delta -60 ° C)
Darkroom for 2D gel
Epi White Light (overhead)
Filter wheel (4 positions)
2D UltraBright Transilluminator 22x30cm

Optional Systems
Fluorescent Light (Halogen Lamp)
Epi-UV 254/312nm
LED Transilluminator (red, gel, green, blue)
1D Quantification Professional software
2D Analysis software

2d Gel DocumentationAdvantage of 2D Imager
High Quantum Efficiency / QE of 60% to 90%
CCD with Micro lens technology, low Dark Current, reduced Background noise, optimized for clear background for the detected bands.

Imaging speed Fastly
Using a scientific CCD based system (rather than X-ray film or a scanning laser based model) for the capture of a 2D gel is considerably faster. This means a much faster throughput of work which is particularly useful when working with a large number of gel replicates.

High Image quality
You get high quality images. The really 16 bit camera with F0.95-25 mm also ensures images have a very wide dynamic range which increases the accuracy of quantification. A “single” shot capture of the entire gel means that no image stitching is necessary with a Diversity system by our innovative software for excellent image.

High sensitivity
The camera sensors have large 3.2 M pixels which contribute to having a high sensitivity to light. With high sensitivity the user is able to detect down to femptogram levels which are often found in low abundance proteins.

Although the Diversity is primarily a system for the capture of 2D gels it can be extended to work with all types of sample. It is possible to image fluorescent gels, chemiluminescent blots and color fluorescence applications with Diversity. This makes the system ideal as a complete laboratory workstation.

Multiplex imaging
With the Edge lighting unit the Diversity is perfect for the capture of multiplexed type samples such as DIGE gels. The edge lighting unit is specifically designed to give a very narrow bandwidth of light ensuring maximum excitation of the dyes with minimal cross-talk.

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