GMO & Pesticide Residue Test

Royal Biotech GMO Rapid test kits indicate the presence of the CP4 EPSPS,PHY and BT Cry1AB proteins in genetically modified organisms. Specifications include a detection limit of 1ng/mL, accuracy >99%, a sensitivity of 1/1000 seeds and a specificity of 99% . Food Safety Rapid test kits include  Aflatoxin B1 (AFT) w/ cutoff level of 10ng/ml (10 ppb) and also is available of 5 ng/ml (5 ppb sensitivity ) for professional uses., Chloramphenicol (CPC), with a sensitivity of 0.3 ppb. Clenbuterol (CBL) w/ 3 ppb sensitivity. US FDA has set a limit of 20 ppb in all food commodities for human & livestock


*GMO Rapid test kits indicate the presence of the

– CP4 EPSPS – PHY – BT Cry1AB – PAT – HPT- IrrE – NPT II – G2 EPSPS – BAR – BT/CP4 EPSPS combo

*Food Safety Rapid test kits include One Step

  • Food Safety test kitsAflatoxin B1 (AFT)
  • Chloramphenicol (CPC)
  • Clenbuterol (CBL)
  • Salbutamol
  • Ractopamine

Shelf time : 24 months
Stored at  2– 30 degree C
* Do not freeze the test device & Kept away from direct sunlight , moisture and heat

Non GMO test kits



How to use our products in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 Extract seed/leaf tissue sample by grinding sample in Water

Step 2 Insert the end of the strips into the bag or tube that contains the sample.

Step 3 Take the strip out after 10 secs . Lay the strip ( Max side facing up)

flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface.

Step 4 Read the results after 5-10 mins.

Step 5 Interpret test results:

Positive – Two pink bands appear at the control and test areas.

Negative – Mean either absent or below the limited.

Invalid – No visible band appears at the control panel.

Repeat w/ new test kit.

Royal DM Rapid GMO Test 06172015

Royal AFT P.Extract Strip A06 01 418

Royal Cry 1Ab Ac Strip A06 04 413


*Detect Items of Pesticide Detection Test Cards include organophosphate, cholinesterase, carbamate residues
Limit of detection :
Methamidophos 1.7 ppm
Parathion 1.7 ppm
Dichlorvos 0.3 ppm
Malathion 2.0 ppm
Monocrotophos  2.5 ppm
Dimethoate 1.3 ppm
Isocarbophos  3.1 ppm
Acephate  3.5 ppm
Dipterex 0.3 ppm
Carbofuran 0.5 ppm
Carbaryl 2.5 ppm
Carbosulfan 1.0 ppm

PS: Items, limit of detection can be added/adjusted according to your specific demandrb-pesicide-test-card